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Catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets are critical to your business, yet the costs and challenges associated with design, print and distribution are very high. ZINation Studio takes a unique approach to design. Our innovative and powerful publishing technology will give you 100% product placement automation coupled with a manual editing experience allowing you to break through design limitations.

With ZINation, everyone is a publisher.

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Automation To Create Sales Collateral in an Instant


With ZINation Studio you can create catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets instantly by simply choosing your products then choosing one of our 25+ Layouts for your design. If you have a Shopify store, you can even create catalogs simply from your Collections. It’s like you’re creating catalogs right from your eCommerce store. This automation is not only a massive time saver, but it prevents any human error and ensures all your product information is represented correctly. 


More Effective & Efficient Sales Collateral


Using ZINation Studio, you can create online sales collateral quickly and easily, costing your business signifcantly less time and money. What’s more, e-circulars have a proven higher and measurable open rate than their paper counterparts, and are environmentally friendly which is positive for your brand. Your new innovative sales collateral are sure to be more effective and efficient for your business.

Shoppable Circulars To Improve Your Organic Search Results & Sales


All ZINation catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets are Shoppable, directly linking your products to your online store helping to increase your website ranking as well as your sales. ZINation sales collateral are also designed to improve your Search Engine Optimization. Every page within your catalog has its own unique URL allowing for crawling and indexing by search engines such as Google and Bing.


Perfect for Wholesalers


As a wholesaler, you spend significant effort creating sales collateral to present your products to buyers.  With ZINation Studio, you will be able to easily provide your buyers with customized pricing and product offerings. Your catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets can be shoppable with a Call To Action, directing your buyers right to your website for increased sales and improved Search Engine Optimization.


Product Information Management


ZINation Studio is supported by a Product Information Management System (your single source of truth) where you can keep your products up-to-date in one centralized place. Make adjustments to images, descriptions, prices and variants to ensure all sales collateral represents your products professionally.


How It Works

1. Design

Designing your sales collateral is simple, automatic and can be done in an instant. Within your ZINation account you will have a Product Information Management System that consists of all your products, product images and product information – your single source of truth in e-commerce. To create sales collateral you simply choose the products you want to feature (you can even choose by Collection), then choose one of our 25+ Layouts and your design is created for you in an instant. You can customize your design further using our powerful Drag & Drop technology.

2. Publish

Publish and share your completed designs across multiple sales channels. Embed them directly into your online store or website, create a PDF that you can distribute electronically or through print, share on your social networks or share the unique URL of your design with your customers. You can also share your sales collateral with specific buyers privately and securely, offering them personalized product offering and pricing. 

3. Profit

Your catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets act as a sales channel to generate leads, present your product offering and increase your profits. When shared digitally, your customers are able to shop right from your sales collateral as each product is linked to your e-commerce store. Because each of your catalog pages contains its own unique URL, powerful analytics will guide your marketing decisions to increase your sales even further.